Who We Are

Our mission at Age Well Be Well is to help adults create a holistic plan for their health improving longevity and enhancing the quality of their lives.  We believe that choices and lifestyle decisions significantly effect health and wellness.  By making smart, informed decisions, each of us has the  opportunity to increase our life expectancy by 10-20 years.  More importantly, good decisions not only add years to life but also life to those years by postponing and reducing disabilities and improving our overall wellness.           

The goals of Age Well Be Well are to:

 Provide accurate information to both dispel misconceptions about aging and enhance health and wellness. 
Reduce fears and worries about the aging process.
Promote longevity, reduce disability, and enhance quality of life.
Empower adults with increased self awareness, knowledge and resources about aging, health and wellness.
Provide guidance and support that encourages exploration of new possibilities and plans for the second half of life.

The word “well” in Age Well Be Well is used intentionally not only as an adverb but also as a noun.  This is because Age Well Be Well provides an opportunity for individuals to receive guidance, information, and support similar to the way these things were received around a community well decades ago.  In the past, when folks gathered around the town well it was to not only draw water for the day, but also to collect and offer advice and help to their friends and neighbors.  At Age Well Be Well, we are creating a community that supports adults in the second half of life.  A community where you will be able to exchange ideas and receive the help and guidance necessary to be healthy and well.  

The founder of Age Well Be Well is Paula Koppel, MS, RNC, GNP-BC, ANH-BC, NBC-HWC a registered nurse and geriatric nurse practitioner for over 30 years.  She is a graduate of the Duke University School of Nursing and Duke Integrative Medicine's Health Coaching Program.  Paula has a master’s degree from Boston University and advanced certificate in counseling and psychology from Lesley University. She is also certified as a holistic health nurse and Health and Wellness Coach.  She is currently pursing her PhD at Duke.  Her research focuses on the healing effect of "presence" for both patients and care providers. 

Paula was the director of geriatrics at Winchester Hospital for many years and developed their Senior Health Partnership.  In 1999, Paula established her own consulting company which is known for developing innovative approaches to healthcare for middle-aged and older adults.

Paula combines her expertise in gerontology and holistic nursing with coaching skills that gently support her clients' ability to engage their own healing capacity.  Paula's background in health promotion, gerontology, holistic nursing, and health coaching enable her to support individuals seeking to attain optimal health.