While it is never too late or early to make lifestyle changes that enhance your longevity and quality of life, Age Well Be Well focuses on supporting individuals at mid-life so most of our clients are 45-75 year old.  Here is a sample of testimonials from some of the clients Paula has recently coached. 


“I started working with Paula early in 2011, with the goal of getting a better understanding of my medical issues and how to improve them. Paula proved to be a caring and compassionate resource, and her extensive medical knowledge proved invaluable in helping me seek out the resources I needed.  She also encouraged me to explore and try several new types of exercise, and I now have a fitness regime that I love, and have seen tremendous results with!”

 Paula is a wealth of knowledge and has many books, articles and websites, which she freely shared. With her help I successfully took on the many challenges that faced me, and with Paula’s guidance I changed my lifestyle to an active, healthy and more vibrant one!  Working with her is a true pleasure.”

 ~Meg (50) from Reading, MA


“Paula helped me put my life back in balance.  Paula did an individualized analysis of my mind-body-spirit focus and created a personal wellness road map for me that perfectly addressed the issues that needed attention.  I knew I wanted to focus on my spiritual component, and Paula suggested a number of specific actions and readings that were relevant and helpful to me in this goal.  Paula was very flexible devising a program that fit my time frame and life style, including meetings and check-ins by phone and in person.  Paula is very comfortable to work with.  I enjoyed our time together.  I have been successful maintaining the program she created for me in the months since and feel I can into the future.” 

 ~Barbara (52) from Reading, Ma


“My assumptions about my intellect for some reason don't feel so true to me anymore. I think it has to do with finding my Mount Everest.  I can't thank you enough for helping me to discover that my Mount Everest was right in front of me. I’m not certain I would have realized that if it were not for all your help.  What I really want to do is write my memoirs, my ethical will and my memorial service - that is my Mount Everest! I love it and am very excited. This is something that will challenge me while doing what I love and want. With your encouragement, I know I can do it.  I bless the day you came into my life. I'm feeling alive again and it feels so good and I have you to thank.” 

~Jasmine (65) from West Roxbury, MA


“Stress from my husband's chronic illnesses prompted me to attend Paula's three lectures "Age Well - Be Well" at our public library.  Paula has coached me every 2-3 weeks for over a year. I look forward to each one-hour session. She has helped me set short and long term goals for body, mind and spirit.  Paula has knowledge, compassion, empathy and listens to me.  She follows through on all my concerns and brings new insights.  She has been invaluable.  My husband and whole family are delighted that I'm taking care of myself.” 

~Brenda (75) from Newton, MA