Services Offered

By making smart, informed decisions, each of us has the  opportunity to increase our life expectancy by 10-20 years.  The following services are hallmarks of the Age Well Be Well program and have been developed to support our mission.  

What services are offered by Age Well Be Well?


Integrated Health Coaching services for individuals, families and small groups.  

Educational Programs including seminars & workshops.

Personalized Wellness Evaluation & Risk Profiling to identify specific strategies and an action plan that will enhance your life and longevity.

Support Programs which include:


* Stimulating small group "Support Wells" which provide ongoing opportunities to explore strategies like nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

    * Facilitated Forums bringing together individuals passionate about making the second half of their lives rich and fulfilling.

Many of these services can be provided via phone conferencing making them accessible wherever you currently reside. 


Who would benefit from Age Well Be Well?


  Anyone who wants to make lifestyle changes to optimize their health and wellness.

Anyone who wants help thinking creatively about their future, discovering new passions and new ways to learn, grow, and contribute.

  Anyone who is afraid of the aging process (on some level this means everyone) and would like guidance and support in navigating this new territory.

  Anyone who has a chronic illness and wants to understand the disease process and how to manage their illness so that it doesn’t limit their potential.

Depending on your age and circumstances, these services may be perfect for you and your parents or you and your adult children.