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Toss A Coin In The Age Well . . . What Will You Be Doing At 70, 80, 90?

What do you want to be able to do or how do want to be when you are age 70, 80, or 90?  This is a question I have been mulling over for several years now and have spent time actually writing down my future ambitions.  It has always helped me to know where I’m going—to have dreams but also tangible goals.  I’m sure that’s why having a Wellness Roadmap is almost second nature to me.  I call these aspirations of where I want to head “waypoints” for my Wellness Roadmap.  They help me stay focused and give me direction.  I know life circumstances may require that they be revised but for now they represent a vision of who I want to be and what I want to be able to do as I age.  These waypoints influenced my 2010 goals which guide the actions plans I'm currently using on a daily basis.     

I am excited about turning 50 this May.  Maybe because it’s halfway to 100 or maybe because it represents a major milestone—my youngest child will be graduating from high school this same month and soon I will become an empty nester!  I envision my fifth decade as a time to establish an expanded identity with more time devoted to my career, special interests and my relationship with my husband.

When developing my waypoints, I try to incorporate any anticipated milestones and events.  This allows me to plan realistically.  For example, in my sixties, I hope to be helping care for both my parents and grandchildren so I plan to build more flexibility into my life during this decade.   

At seventy, I want to be strong and vital.  I expect to still be working professionally but also want to share big adventures with my grandchildren.  I want to travel with them and teach them how to boat, fish and play tennis if they are receptive.  I plan to continue taking college level classes to challenge my mind.

Slowing down a bit in my eighties would be acceptable to me but I still hope to be hiking and biking with my family.  Since my husband is very athletic and disciplined, I know that to keep him in sight I will need to be equally disciplined about my physical fitness.  My routine today at age fifty is to be exercising daily.  But I cross train and try to make smart decisions about my physical training to protect my muscles and bones in hopes that they will be pain free during my eighties.    

Finally, by my ninth decade, I hope to have acquired enough life experience to be considered wise.  I hope to share and preserve my life lessons and historical heritage in an ethical will.  Beyond this, I hope to be able to grow things—planting and maintaining a flower and vegetable garden providing beauty and nourishment to family and friends. 

What is your vision?  I’d love to have you share your thoughts on my blog.  Discovering how others envision these years is so intriguing.  It’s a great way to enrich our own plans and visions.  I can’t wait to hear from some of you!

Be well,


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