Offer a Gift of

Health & Wellbeing

 This Holiday Season…

 Consider coaching packages for your mother, father, adult children, life partner, friends…maybe even a gift for YOU since caring for yourself is absolutely the best gift you can give to others!

 Coaching sessions are a wonderful way to offer genuine health and happiness this holiday season.  Sessions are provided at home or by phone so it doesn’t matter if the individual you have in mind lives near or far. 

Age Well Be Well’s Special 2017 Holiday Coaching Packages*

      Three one-hour sessions ($250)

      Six one-hour sessions ($500)

*Packages must be purchased before 12/31/17

      *Coaching sessions must be completed before 12/30/18 

I most often work with clients at midlife (over 45) who want help making lifestyle changes that will improve how they feel and reduce their risk for disease and disability so they can:

  •  Look great and continue to be active and vital at 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond
  •  Keep up with their grandchildren
  •  Explore new opportunities now that their children are grown
  •  Better manage existing chronic disease (like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis)  so it won’t limit their activities and lifespan

Lifestyle changes individuals most often want to address include:

  •  Nutrition/diet changes as well as weight management
  •  Exercise
  •  Management of stress/anxiety
  •  Exploring feelings and fears associated with midlife and aging though the  coaching process also often enhances wellbeing. 

To arrange for your gift certificate for the holidays, call (617-835-7067) or send an email.  Below you will also find more information about the coaching process and its benefits.

To your health and happiness, 

Why it’s helpful to have a coach:

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are mainly responsible for preventable chronic disease including obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and some forms of cancer and pulmonary disorders.  In addition, these unhealthy habits often inhibit our ability to manage other diseases and disabilities common at midlife like arthritis, osteoporosis and depression. 

Research shows that few people successfully make and sustain behavioral changes over time without knowledgeable guidance and support.  Health coaching helps individuals make and sustain lifestyle changes.  Coaching for individuals without chronic disease promotes optimal health that prevents or postpones illness and disability.  Individuals with existing chronic disease find coaching improves their symptom management, slows the progression of disease, mitigates complications and supports improved functioning and independence. 

As a geriatric nurse practitioner, I believe the best medicine for enhancing longevity and wellbeing has to do with behaviors related to eating, exercising, stress management and maintaining meaningful connections.  As a health coach I utilize thoughtful inquiry to help individuals at midlife discover those areas that are most likely to improve their health and wellbeing.  Together we explore ways to make lasting lifestyle changes.  This often includes a combination of education, assessment, goal setting, and planning.   But most importantly, the coaching process helps individuals link the change they desire to personal visions and values enabling them to tap into their own intrinsic motivation.