Educational Programs

Age Well Be Well’s seminars and workshops are designed to inform, inspire and motivate, helping participants make smart choices and lifestyle changes.  See our Seminars & Events Calendar and our Workshops & Wells Calendar for upcoming presentations. 

A description of some of our current programs and workshops are below. 

 Understanding the Aging Process and Why Some People Live Longer

This seminar describes what we currently know about the biology of aging and the latest research on longevity enhancement.  Discussion will include how specific lifestyle habits can biologically slow down the aging process and prevent disability.  


Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years

This program discusses the interventions and strategies based on current research that have the potential to significantly improve longevity and quality of life.  Learn how to identify and modify your own risks for common diseases as well as techniques to monitor your health and detect disease early.


 Myths & Misconceptions about Aging or Why You Just Might Want to Live to Be 100

This seminar focuses on common myths and misconceptions of aging.  A more realistic understanding of aging, makes exploring strategies for improving longevity and quality of life exciting and rewarding. 


A Health & Wellness Planning Workshop

In this workshop, you are guided through a holistic assessment evaluating your own health history and lifestyle patterns.  You will plan strategies for making important changes in your lifestyle and behavior to improve your longevity and quality of life. 




The Power of Mindfulness

This three-hour seminar offers an introduction to mindfulness. During the seminar you will have opportunities to experience and try a variety of mindfulness-based strategies and learn ways to incorporate these into your lifestyle.


Mindfulness:  How It Can Help Us Age With Grace

The health and emotional benefits of living mindfully are compelling.  New research now supports what some cultures have known for thousands of years, practicing mindfulness helps alleviate stress and the suffering associated with physical illness as well as the emotional pain and fear that can accompany aging.  This program presents the latest research on the benefits of mindfulness focusing specifically on those elements that pertain to aging.  Learn about mindfulness-based strategies that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to facilitate clarity and calmness each and everyday and don't require meditating on a cushion!


Age-ing to Sage-ing:  Dealing with Challenges and Finding Gifts

This experiential based series allows participants to explore the gifts and challenges of aging in a safe and sacred space created over six weeks.  By connecting and listening closely to the mind, body and spirit, the group will explore what it means to agae.  Life review, journaling and mindfulness-based exercises will facilitate life review and life repair providing an opportunity to further synthesize and integrate life's wisdom.  Participants are also invited during the program to "weave" their life story on hand looms.  Men and women of all ages are welcome on this meaningful journey.