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A Refuge & Retreat:  "Being @ The Beach Burrow"

The beach has become my refuge. Even during times of despair, I discover moments of serenity by really "being" at the beach...sitting in the sand, listening to the waves, taking in the expansive view of the ocean. 

I'd like to invite you to join me at the Beach Burrow in Brewster on Cape Cod for a weekend retreat.  This is a chance to seek the refuge and serenity offered by the ocean.  During the weekend, we will cultivate mindfulness and "be" fully present at the beach.  We will also spend time exploring our own internal landscape and seek simple ways to cultivate health and healing.  This will include guided meditations, journaling and group sharing, beach walks, shared meals and mindfulness-based movement practices. Our exploration will tap into our own goodness and the goodness of life. The group will be small.    

Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested so I can be sure to save you a space in the retreat and send you more details.  You can call me (617-835-7087) or send an email. 

Dates:  Fall and Spring retreats are offered on an ongoing basic.  Email Age Well Be Well for upcoming dates.  

Retreat Fee:  $300


"Add Years to Your Life & Life to Your Years"

Research shows that healthy living strategies can extend life by 35% and more importantly prevent or postpone disabilities associated with aging. This presentation explores the National Geographic lead research published by Dan Buettner in his book, The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest.  This work describes the clues to longevity in five areas in the world where people live the longest.

This program is offered on a regular basis.  Email to find out the next offering and location.  

Registration for this program is not necessary and is free of charge.


Partner with a Health Coach and

Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years

This 5-week interactive program will give a small group of participants the opportunity to learn about and actually practice a variety of holistic strategies including meal planning, exercises for physical and brain health as well as numerous stress management techniques.  By the end of the series, participants will have created a personalized plan to jumpstart lifestyle changes that will add years to life and life to those years! 

 If you would be interested in being part of this health coaching-based group, please email me. As soon as we have enough participants, dates and arrangements for a meeting location will be finalized.     

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or call 617-835-7087

"Mindful Monday Morning Meditation"

These guided meditations on Monday mornings offer an opportunity to start each week off mindfully.  Each Monday you will receive an email with a 15-minute recording of a guided meditation.  This recording can be listened to anytime and repeatly on your computer, smart phone or tablet.  The first Monday of each month, you can also join me on a conference call from 8-830AM EST. This is a perfect way to explore mindfulness if you are new to meditation or get support if you are struggling to cultivate a regular practice.  

This meditation series is complementary but in order for me to get you the conference calling information and on my email list, please register by calling 617-835-7087 or send me an email.  


Mindfulness: How It Can Help Us Age With Grace

The health and emotional benefits of living mindfully are compelling.  New research now supports what some cultures have known for thousands of years, practicing mindfulness helps alleviate stress and the suffering associated with physical illness as well as the emotional pain and fear that can accompany aging.  This program will present the latest research on the benefits of mindfulness focusing specifically on those elements that pertain to aging.  Learn about mindfulness-based strategies that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to facilitate clarity and calmness each and everyday and don't require meditating on a cushion!

This presentation and a 6-week meditation group are offered upon demand.  Please email Age Well Be Well if you are interested in participating in a group.