The journey toward optimal wellbeing requires consistent, holistic investments in health and personal development. Like any journey, having a clear vision and roadmap improve the chances of reaching the desired destination. Here at Age Well Be Well, we're here to help you navigate this journey.  Just as you make plans to secure your financial future, building a road map for your wellness helps ensure that you maintain the most important asset of all:  your health and vitality.  Understanding how to manage your health risks and enhance your personal assets by investing in health management and disease prevention strategies can add 10-20 quality years to your life.    Complement this by nurturing your emotional and spiritual health, and you can expect a sense of wellness that will allow you to celebrate life fully and possibly live to 100.

Just as it is often beneficial to have a financial adviser, it is useful to have a partner to collaborate with when exploring ways to enhance your health and incorporate lifestyle changes.  That's why integrative health coaching provides the foundation of our work at Age Well Be Well.  Paula Koppel, the founder of Age Well Be Well is a registered nurse and geriatric nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience.  Through an integrative health coaching process, Paula helps individuals take stock of where they are at mid-life, exploring where they want to go and determining the best ways to get there.  

 If you are at mid-life and want to make changes in your lifestyle that will nurture health and wellness as you age, consider a series of coaching sessions to jumpstart and support your efforts.  Learn more about Age Well Be Well Integrated Health Coaching.

Develop a plan that enables you to continue being healthy, active  and productive for as many years as  possible -- maybe even to 100.  Learn more about Age Well Be Well Wellness Evaluations.     

Determine which lifestyle changes will have the greatest impact on your longevity and the quality of your life.  Learn more about Age Well Be Well Educational Programs.

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